Wednesday, 21 June 2017

On the use of Pervert

Has the meaning of the word "Pervert" changed?

Can this word still be used or is it now too offensive?

  • An exchange of Emails over the use of the word pervert.
A Three Man Marriage - photo Daily Mail

From Prayer Crusader St Theresa of Avila
It was your use of the word "pervert" that I thought was perhaps going a bit far. For some homosexuals, their condition is something they're stuck with, so in a sense it is natural to them, and the word "pervert" (which always carries negative overtones) is a bit unfair. This doesn't mean to say that indulging in their desires is ok, any more than it is ok for an alcoholic to indulge in his/her desires; the only rational way an alcoholic can come to terms with his (her)condition is to abstain; same for homosexuals. After all, they are not the only people called on to abstain from sexual activity.

Of course, there are others for whom the homosexual condition is not so much natural as something they are willing to try out. In the last couple of years I met a woman who was living with a female partner, although she had been married and indeed was a mother and a grandmother. She and her "partner" were going to go abroad together. I didn't see them for a long while, but then heard through a 3rd party that she had left her "partner"
and gone back to her husband. So what was all that about?

Prayer Crusader St Philomena
Thank you for this explanation, but I think most who engage in
Homosexual acts know, even if they are not religious, that it is contrary to natural law hence their continued attempts to outlaw anyone who will speak against these acts. I would never use the slang "perv" as this as you say has a negative and hurtful resonance. However, isn't Pervert a legitimate word and is the noun for perversity?

Regarding the permissive climate mitigating the act, perhaps in some cases (very very few and even here my conscience is saying to me don't ever go down that route) but only if they have been abused whilst very young before the moral conscience has been formed. Those who are "turned" as adults will always have full knowledge of what they are doing, some will engage for this reason alone others couldn't care less, some just find the same-sex attractive but all will know it's wrong, it's built into our very selves by God who created man in his image (male and female he created them).

This is why St Paul writes in the passage I sent you Romans 1:27
"Males did shameful things with males and thus received in their own
persons the due penalty for their perversity." Earlier in verse 20
"Ever since the creation of the world, his invisible attributes of
eternal power and divinity have been able to be understood and
perceived in what he has made. As a result, they have no excuse;" to
me and reading the whole passage this seems to apply not only to Christians but to all.

Anyway Judge not least you are judged as we keep being reminded these days.

From Prayer Crusader St Theresa of Avila
Yes, "pervert" is a legitimate word, which can be a noun or a verb, but the disapproval is built into the meaning of the word.

Quite a number of children are now being brought up by homosexual couples (both men and women), presumably being thoroughly accustomed to meeting same-sex as well as opposite-sex couples even if not themselves being subjected to abuse. Possibly they never come across the view that sexual actions should be restricted to opposite-sex couples within marriage. Or, if they do come across such a view, it will be only to hear it condemned as bigoted. That's what I had in mind as "mitigating circumstances". For them, the voice of "natural law" may be completely submerged by the attitudes which prevail around them, at least until they grow up and move into wider circles.

Homosexuality doesn't seem to have been a problem among 1st-century Jews, though it clearly was among the Greeks and Romans.

Prayer Crusader St Philomena
Yes chapter one of Romans is a two edged sword Paul is using the example of homosexual practice as a way of teaching on paganism as vice versa - but there is also a warning in there for Christians. Thank you for your explanation on the word pervert as noun and verb, we use our language without really thinking about it.

From Prayer Crusader St Theresa of Avila
I'm sure CUT can claim "You read it here first".

The Three Man "Marriage" read more:

Prayer Crusader St Theresa of Avila is our proof reader, I would like to thank the Crusader for all the many hours of help given to CUT

Monday, 5 June 2017

BBC terrorists

The Bloody BBC

Three major Islamic terrorist attacks in three months and after each one the BBC interview "nice" Muslims who sound so reasonable in a deliberate attempt to deflect criticism from the diabolic religion. By doing this and the corporation's long history of denigrating Christianity and holding up Islam as a peaceful religion, have the BBC misled us so much that they now have blood on their hands?

They had done the country a great disservice in stating in their documentaries and commentaries on the Crusades for instance that they were unjustified wars against peaceful Muslims when the opposite was the case. This has given Muslim "extremists" in their small narrow minds a sort of "justification" for all this violence. The Crusaders of course should be held up as the true heroes they are.

Their interviewing of Imams and even the Muslim Mayor of London are a disgrace; the mayor is quoted as saying that London is the safest city in the world! However every city that has a Muslim mayor anywhere in the word is in chaos, and violence. There is a simple rule of thumb: the more Muslims in the community, town or city the more violence, whether it's towards Christians or other religious groups,  or even Muslims if they are from the "wrong" sect.

Another reason for Muslim violence is the decadence of the West, the complacent attitudes towards the LGBT "community". For us as Christians it is our duty to save their souls and to state  that they the will bring upon themselves the due penalty for their perversity (see Romans 1:27), but we would never go around killing them, absolutely not! It's only by peaceful conversion that we hope to cure these poor deluded people of their affliction. But again here the BBC and most of the Main Stream Media (MSM) have blood on their hands for they actually encourage these disordered people. And just like Islamic terrorists they use suicide as their major weapon, or rather they use the threat of suicide, for that if they don't get equal rights in every way to the sexually normal majority they will kill themselves!

Poor Ireland lived and survived being so close to England for so long, they kept the faith through many a repressive British regime, but have now capitulated completely to the secular terrorists of the MSM led by the BBC. Voting en-mass to legalise so called Gay-marriage and now brainwashed as they are by the media they have just elected a new prime minister who is not only homosexual, he is married ... er to another man. Sunday ... Bloody ... Sunday?  BBC ... Bloody ... BBC.

Friday, 28 April 2017

A Poem by John Medlin - Sorrowful tramp of boots on sanded streets


“That England that was wont to conquer others
Hath made a shameful conquest of itself.”
(Richard II, 2:1, ll. 65-6)

Sorrowful tramp of boots on sanded streets:
In winter’s grey, sad companies of men
Manhandle Churchill’s coffin with dull beats
Of drum and growling brass. Grown men and children
Sag heads and make their peace, and St Pauls greets
The last of England, mourned in fen and glen:
The state he served, those thin wan faces tell,
Has hollowed like the booming, death-march bell.

Mere thirty years from Pericles’ repose
Refulgent Athens died in Sparta’s fist.
In Ludgate Hill foxish lawyers at their windows
Watched Churchill pass and since have ticked their list
Of state-upturning statutes which in prose
Have sundered epic: mealy “one-world” grist
Which Albion’s beaches ramped with unjust laws
Bringing the millioned umma to these shores.

That stocky soldiery, those weeping folk,
That stark January day, in thirty years
Fast shrivelled to an untamed tribe bespoke
On sink estates of pierced lips and ears,
Their pride as great-strength oxen at the yoke
Neutered by those lawyers’ brats whose fears
Of nation-love have brewed with other spawn
A curdled rainbow in a sullen dawn.

On Sundays Finsbury Park is loud with trade,
Hijab and djellaba command the scene,
A church where once the liturgy was prayed
Disgorges carpets of a Turkish sheen,
The mosques are brimming, that which kept the shade
Tide-like swamps suburbs with the muezzin’s keen;
Soon, time-old villages, deep-valleyed towns,
Will startle as that cold wave slaps and drowns.

The crop-rich fields and gorse-bedazzled moors
Enfold two thousand years of Christ-mens’ cells,
Those chapels, caves, where what’s eternal pours
Through being, fruitful as baptismal shells:
All lost; a rotted people slamming doors
Against its past must pander to the yells
Of ghazis who in church and manor halls
Gouge mihrabs in those age-encrusted walls.

April 2014

Umma – the worldwide Muslim “community.”
Ghazi – a Muslim warrior particularly one who fights against non-Muslims.
Mihrab – prayer niche showing the direction of Mecca.


© April 2014

For more poems by John Medlin please see Medlin the Writer blog

Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Lord is Risen

Happy Easter 

It is  difficult for many to hang on to the true meaning of Christianity. Today we have news that Tesco's extremely poor understanding of Christianity and natural moral values have surfaced again with their advert "Great offers on beer and cider. Good Friday just got better". What a pathetic and misguided slogan. They wouldn't dare use an Islamic slogan, their ad men would do their homework, but once again as far as Christianity goes - anything goes!

BBC pay rise
The BBC have increased the licence fee to £147 from £145 - the Devil looks after his own! They continue their cover up of Islamic terror, they soon dropped the Egypt Coptic massacres  from their news (they were obviously not secular people getting killed as happens in the West). Did you know that on average a Christian is killed in Egypt every 11 days? And yet the BBC appoints another Muslim as head of Religious broadcasting. Of course Islam is a "peaceful religion" isn't it - well no it's not and never has been. The peace that Muslims talk about is the peace that will cover the world once its all Islamic, however since there has been infighting between Shia and Sunni from it's very beginning, heaven forbid that this Islamic "world peace" will every happen.  You may wish to sign this petition from citizanGo

Some general news:

Ireland and the TV licence.
I'm told by one of our long time members from Ireland,  our Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Andrew, "Our problems here with RTE bias are at least as big as yours with the BBC. To make matters worse, new legislation is coming out that will mandate the payment of the TV licence - even if one doesn't have a TV - once one has a computer and internet connection in the house."

The continued sexualisation of young Children
Mail on-line Police investigate children as young as SEVEN for sending x-rated pictures on their phones as sexting epidemic sweeps across Britain.

Read more:

Nevertheless Christ arose from the dead - the victory of life over death - peace over war - and love over hate. 

Please keep up your prayers for our latest Prayer Crusade to stop the Islamification of the BBC.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

BBC's Islamophilia

The BBC's infiltration of Islam?

There is a field of thought at the BBC that goes along the lines that if they accommodate Muslims, Muslims will convert to their secular inclusive version of religion, and that BBC Islam will be more tolerant. They have successfully subverted British Christianity after all.  So the BBC has appointed its second Muslim head of religious programming in a row. Yet it would seem that Islam and the BBC are completely incompatible. The "Core Values" of the BBC are for example pro-abortion (or choice as they would rather call it! No they're pro-abortion there is no other way of putting it). Muslims are not pro-abortion. The BBC have successfully pushed the homosexual agenda to its limits, to parity with heterosexuality and beyond; - gender change even for kids; and militant feminism is a must at the corporation, while women are very much second class citizens in many Muslim countries. And the number of paedophiles that hang out at the Beeb is legendary; Savile was just the tip of the sickening perverse iceberg of depravity at the Corporation. Perhaps, this last part of the Beeb's vice is more acceptable to Muslims, and it is not so unusual to find it in Rotherham's (and other northern British towns') Muslims' taxi driving fraternity.

Another aspect of the BBC's Islamophilia is seen in the alarming reports that after Songs of Praise has been hived off to private producers it will now include Muslim as well as Christian songs of praise. Channel Four has broadcast the call to Muslim prayer during Ramadan, and now reports are that the BBC will regularly broadcast Muslim Friday prayers. The last head of the BBC's religious broadcasting, Aaqil Ahmed, called BBC religious output too Christian and wanted more diversity, namely Muslim of course. Too Christian! Nine out of ten "Christian" BBC viewers couldn't tell the difference between the Easter Bunny and the Gospel, - having been brainwashed and confused by the Beeb.

There are also strange reports that many feminists support Islam, such as the feminists for Mohammed or whatever. The absolutely stupid Huffington Post even claims in some of its articles that Mohammad was a Feminist! But why are feminists, gender benders, abortionists, and perverts of all descriptions, supporting and trying to converge with Islam? Muslims of course execute the aforesaid depraved types, sometimes by chopping off their heads; sometimes, as in the case of homosexuals, by throwing them off high buildings. It's quite simple: they are all inspired by Satan, whose aim is and will be to the end of time to attack Christians, subvert the Church and especially Christianity in its purest form, Catholicism. So here's a petition we can get behind from Citizen Go. Please consider signing it before Britain becomes a Muslim country.

citizenGo petition on Muslim Head of BBC Religion

Remember that although we use quite strong language and tone to some of our articles, it's simply out of Christian charity, as a warning that if mankind does not amend its ways we are in for an even worse War than WWII; with regard to which, Jacinta Marto, the youngest of the Fatima seers,  said that most of the fighters in this second worse war went to hell.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

News and non News

Fake News and Neglected News

That the new president of the United States has found a catch phrase that everyone is now using is at last a bit of good news. We've been bombarded with words like homophobia, "Gay" rights (as if to oppose this is to be anti-happy or something) etc. etc. However, there is also a phenomenon we believe to be "neglected news", for example the millions of pro-life people who take part in or the millions who took part in the  pro-natural family march in France and Italy - only last year 2 million Italians took to the streets of Rome. It was covered on most Italian TV stations; however, unlike the "Gay Pride" parades that take place all over the western world there is no coverage in other countries.

EWTN and the real news

EWTN bravely throughout the long dark years of the Obama administration faithfully had camera crews covering the March for Life events when no one else did. In the lead up to the presidential election they had two weeks of a Priest for Life (EWTN sponsored priests organisation) priest celebrating their live Mass on TV and giving some of the most pro-life sermons I've ever heard. So let's give EWTN some credit! EWTN's World Over Live with Raymond Arroyo's interview with Donald Trump may have just tipped the balance of Catholics away from Clinton and furthered the pro-life cause, saved unborn children - they need a pro-life president. However with all Trump's speeches about Fake news and at least doing something about abortion, he is in fact pro-same-sex marriage. So let's not get too carried away by Trump although Clinton becoming president doesn't bear thinking about.

Putin and the Media

Every wondered why the US and UK's media are trying to put a barrier up between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin? Every wondered why the British media is so anti-Russian? After all it's now a far more Christian country than the UK?
Ever wondered why there is so much about doping in Russian sport and not much about it in other nations' sports? It's quite simple: Putin's Russia is (along with the African countries) the only Christian countries that will not allow pro-homosexual propaganda. They are the only ones who will tell the truth about homosexuality and child abuse!

Freemason Ceremony in Canterbury Cathedral

In another frightening turn of events a Freemason ceremony in Canterbury Cathedral took place last week on the very day that England and Wales was reconsecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Westminster Cathedral. The "Archbishop" of Canterbury is only too ready to accept the £300,000 from Britain's Freemasons to celebrate 300 years since the foundation of the first Masonic lodge.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Probably not the Last Temptation of Francis

  • ·         Catholic hierarchy's silence about modern film and TV is coming home to roost.

  • ·         The Pope meets Scorsese. Many are beginning to question the Pope's judgement on this and many other things.

  • ·         A Catholic points out Catholics cannot be Silent about Scorsese's Silence

  • ·         This film is a disgrace to the memory of the Catholic martyrs of Japan
The Pope meets Scorsese. Photo L'Osservatore Romano


Probably not the Last Temptation of Francis

After the last temptation thing I thought a Scorsese film would be off limits, but now "Silence". And the star? Neeson, the very man who with Amnesty International (founded by a Catholic) is attempting to destroy the beautiful protection of the unborn in Ireland. The preview indicates there are scenes of extreme violence. It is based of course on a Japanese novel (Catholic), and there has already been a Japanese film. Of course the setting is near Nagasaki. When we bombed that city, most of Catholic Japan died, only the Jesuits in the epicentre were unscathed. I don't want to upset anyone, but our moral duty was to demonstrate this barbarity of this film, Nagasaki and abortion see how that affected the Japanese.

My Japanese neighbour has visited Nagasaki, and she says there are some beautiful Catholic churches. She read the book several years ago. The Japanese are self-destructing; they are having no children - hence they lead in producing robots. When I was a student in London in the late '60's, I saw the Emperor Hirohito in a diplomatic car in Oxford street. However the book, now in English, could be worth checking out.

As for the brutality in Scorsese's Silence, the small bit of the brutality of this film which I have seen is alarming, so I won't be seeing it. As I am a long-term campaigner against torture, and having studied with military psychologists I am well aware that there are security situations but it can be a terrible thing, Jesus himself warned about it and the possibility of being cast body and soul into hell.

These matters are governed by the Official Secrets Act, and while in certain circumstances there may be legality, they may not be mentioned in court. The past situation with communism may have been far more serious than we thought, and when isolation is added, a person can be totally destroyed, even in his soul. Guantanamo bay is actually not the worst case scenario we have been led to believe. I say this, because people need to be aware what Christian martyrdom can in practice come down upon us, and eastern Christians certainly experienced it.

By Prayer Crusader, St Jane Frances de Chantal