Thursday, 21 May 2015

19th Prayer Crusade for Ireland

The 34th Amendment to the Irish constitution
·         How the media has brainwashed the Irish people.
·         Referendum on Same-Sex marriage opinion polls say will probably be accepted
·         We instigate our 19th Prayer Crusade for a referendum NO vote.

19th Prayer Crusade
Oh holy St Rita, the 22nd of May is your feast day, on this day the Irish people vote in a referendum on same-sex marriage. We turn our weary eyes and prayers to you in the hope of a miracle that the NO vote will prevail.
St Patrick – Pray for Ireland
St Michael the Archangel – Pray for Ireland
Holy Family -  Pray for Ireland
Our Lady Mother of Good Counsel - Pray for Ireland

Here is a message from our Prayer Crusader under the Patronage of St Rita, Dublin
On the 22nd of May Ireland goes to the polls on two issues one being the age at which a young person can run for the presidency, (obviously the most pressing issue in Ireland, who cares about homelessness, mortgage repayment and joblessness with such an important and pressing issue as this. The politicians, good on them, always get the priorities of the nation right). The second is asking whether people agree with legalising same sex ‘marriage’. When the government was forming a coalition between Labour and Fine Gael this was one of the pay offs to the Labour Party to obtain their support - a referendum to legalise same sex marriage. Kenny was willing to take on board gay ‘marriage’ for power.
             Ireland differs from England in this regard in that we have a written constitution. A written constitution is a type of template which other laws that are enacted or prepared to be enacted cannot conflict with. It was drawn up in 1937 by the founding fathers of the independent Irish republic, such as Eamonn De Valera who was a daily Mass goer and with a large input, thankfully, from the Catholic Church. He drew up a large part of it in collaboration with Archbishop Charles Mc Quaid. So it goes without saying that it is much hated by modern liberals and liberal politicians or large tracts of it anyway. It is an enviable situation to have this written constitution, though much under attack from these liberals with continuous attempts to change it to their image and likeness and is being slowly eroded by these liberals with the help of the media’s effect on the populace when these referendums are taking place.
      In every referendum virtually, those who care about the moral fabric of society have to fight tooth and nail to defend the constitution. This one is no different.
      The media have been doing their bit to indoctrinate the nation in the ‘virtues’ of homosexual love and the compassion of letting them have ‘marriage’. This indoctrination over the airwaves has been unrelenting, totally biased and flying in the face of all broadcasting rules. It is an extension of that battle that has been going on in all countries across the globe: the normalising of homosexual ‘love’. The holding up of erotic sexual love, eros, and masquerading it as the sacrificial love which Jesus exhorted us to, agape. By and large the media and the homosexual lobby have been quite successful in presenting vice as virtue and virtue as vice. And this is what is at the heart of this referendum and the gay rights movement in general. Truth. The gay lobby telling us that if this referendum were successful it would not affect marriage in any way. Nonsense. Only those who were really and deeply grounded in their faith could survive the decadent onslaught that would be unleashed and many of these wouldn’t be left unaffected either. For instance in England Christian owned guesthouses have had to close due to homosexuals determined to frequent these lodgings and hold these owners up to a legal process when their owners would not comply. And in the process deterring other Christians from embarking on this form of livelihood. Catholic adoption agencies have had to close rather than give over children to those who are engaged in a homosexual lifestyle. In Northern Ireland a Christian bakery had plenty of media abuse heaped on them for not baking a cake and putting an inscription on the cake saying that they supported same sex marriage. (I’m unsure if that case actually went to legal proceedings). In these instances it was done with the intention of foisting the new law on these Christians, whereas they could easily have gone elsewhere but did not do so. It is clear from this the same would happen in the Republic of Ireland with the wind of the law at their backs. Homosexual activists would seek to further their agenda by confronting Catholics with the law.
            Bishop Brendan Leahy, the Bishop of Limerick, has stated that he is concerned that if the law were changed there might be attempts to change school text books to include homosexual ‘marriage’ as part of the curriculum. The Archbishop of Dublin is slightly less clear. He stated that he is voting no. But regretted having been put in the position of voting no. He stated that the civil partnership should be broadened (tweaked was his word) so that homosexuals could better express their love for each other. And made another statement of this nature. His interview can be heard on rte radio 1 ‘this week’ 1pm 10th May.
        There are also organisations seeking to promote heterosexual marriage such as ‘Mothers and fathers matter’ which are campaigning for a No vote. They are stating that children would be affected by this homosexual arrangement if this referendum were to be successful. It would enable these homosexual partners to adopt children to the detriment of the children. Their slogan on their posters is ; Children need a mother and a father. (There have been reports of No posters being ripped down by the Yes campaign, another instance of this side doing its best to stifle debate). This is what they are stressing that children need a mother and a father for: proper development - a homosexual arrangement would deprive the child of this necessary aspect of their childhood development. Needless to say they have been given little airtime, though they did appear on rte tv ‘the late late show’ (I don’t know how that went). But by and large when those in support of a No vote have been given air time they have been given harsh treatment, letting them know that they really weren’t welcome. In one ‘interview’ with the Editor in Chief of Irish independent newspapers Cormac Burke states that the No campaigners are hate filled, that they are driven by hate, that they have no compassion; and he was not challenged by the interviewer, but rather egged on by him. Imagine what would have been the outcry if it had been a No campaigner. Well in one respect he is right; we are hate filled. We are filled with hate against evil. We hate the sin and not the sinner. We hate the destructive nature of granting full legitimacy to sodomy and the destructive effect this will have on the nature of society. We do not have a false compassion that would seek to encourage this lifestyle.
          Some Bishops as I have mentioned have spoken out. The Bishops of Ireland collectively have issued a letter asking people to reflect before they vote. I haven’t actually read it myself as I know which way I’m voting. There has been a lot of prayer going up (which is the most powerful force). There have been a lot of prayer initiatives. One group has started and been nationally advertising a Rosary Novena for the defeat of the referendum, - that the sacredness of marriage, that time honoured institution, would remain so and be given its protection in law. The Rosary Novena is a powerful prayer. This is just one of many that have been going on.
          At one stage the media were stating that the Yes side (Pro homosexual ‘marriage’) was in the lead, 80% to 20%.  Later polls polls showed that this poll had narrowed slightly, 76% to 24%. On a still later opinion poll the media stated that the Yes side were in the majority. They didn’t give figures. Wonder why? That’s the state of play at the moment in the referendum campaign. Your prayers are needed and please ask others to pray also.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Who can we vote for?

The Sun - double standards? Or is there more to it.

As Catholics who do we vote for?

At CUT we often get asked about politics, who should we support, and more importantly at the moment, who should we vote for? This is a difficult one when all parties seem to be anti-life and anti-family. Our view on this remains the same. As none of the major parties support Catholic moral teachings perhaps we should find out who among the candidates in our local constituency does, if they are all pro-choice or pro-same sex marriage, perhaps we should consider spoiling our ballot papers in protest? We would be interested in your views here.

Greens to turn to Polygamy?
Whatever way you vote avoid the extremist parties, I know some of you feel that all the major parties now have extreme policies on moral issues – perhaps you think they have no morals left? However, whoever we vote for perhaps we should avoid the Greens who have among some of their extremely silly ideas, Polygamy.

Are Labour even more extreme than the Tories? What would they do to the family?
On the election and the media above is an example of a media text, something to study. Not that the Sun Newspaper is worth studying most of the time. But what’s up here? Why is the Scottish Sun endorsing the SNP and in the rest of the country the Sun is attacking the SNP? There are many levels to this, one being the Sun is populist, and selling newspapers is more important than being consistent. However, perhaps more important Mr Murdoch will do anything to keep Labour out of power – perhaps a good thing for the family. I can’t forget though that it was a Conservative government that brought in same sex marriage!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Have Mercy for the Family

Have Mercy for the Family

Sign This Petition to Pope Francis to "Save the Family" at the Next Synod

Earlier this year in the USA TFP Student Action set up a world-wide petition to save the family. So that at the Next Synod for the family In October the traditional family will be strongly supported in all texts that come out of this Synod. Many are concerned that dissidents and liberals within the Church are using this Synod to put forward their destructive agenda. We hear all the time about mercy but very little about justice. Which is the most important? Surly they are two sides of the same coin.

In answer to Cardinal Kasper interventions regarding the Synod a number of Cardinals and theologians including Cardinal Burke contributed to a book called Remaining in the Truth of Christ. Cardinal Burke in his contribution wrote there are those who have a “...mistaken idea of what it means to be “pastoral” which has it source in the pervasive relativism in our culture” Our Media lead culture is giving the dissidents within the Church strength to keep up their attacks on Catholic doctrine. We must show that we are not fooled by the media or the liberals in the Church by any means we can.

Please sign this petition if you haven’t already. Please note this is a USA instigated petition and your email will be used to notify you of further petitions and actions from this group.

The petition has now reached 167,992 signatures as of April 19th.

To sign please
Click Here

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Stupidity and Ignorance the result of the mass media

Stupidity and Ignorance,
the Satanic weapons

If one looks at the diet fed to us, whether by the media, the political elite or the purveyors of modern “wisdom”, to anyone with some amount of common sense it all appears downright destructive;  destructive of life, personal happiness, the family, the society and ultimately the nation. One wonders why so many people blindly accept this daily poison dished out not only as so called political correctness but supposedly the accepted way to live. It astounds me how even our law-makers have given in to this collective madness.

It comes down to a number of new rules of living, some actually legislated for and others made to be the only socially accepted way to live. 

We must believe in the promotion of every sexual deviation from homosexuality to transgender people and to include a whole of sadistic-masochistic behaviour; not only must it be accepted but it is superior to normal heterosexual relationships within marriage. We also must accept that normal marriage is an archaic form of association which will eventually be phased out. We must also accept that children are better off being produced in a surrogate manner and brought up by homosexuals. We must also believe that abortion on demand is essential for women’s happiness. We also must believe that all religions are evil and dangerous and create gross unhappiness. We must also believe that any form of morality other than created by the state or the media is wrong.  We also must accept any description that defines differences in people’s race or national allegiance is wicked instead of rejoicing in it. The same also goes for the difference between male and female. The list of deviations from what has been established normal human moral behaviour for over 1000 years is almost infinite in this daily diatribe from the established providers of information.

Most British children know more about Hinduism than Christianity

I have only presented a fraction of the output of this soul-destroying material pushed out to the general public 24 hours a day. Anyone who stops to think can actually eventually estimate how much suffering it is causing now and will in the future. But all this poison appears to be accepted by the masses. The question is why? One reason is that the present education system has been designed to stop people actually thinking or analysing facts. Students are crammed with facts like so many paté de fois geese and then asked to do trivialised multiple choice questions . Schools are no longer interested in scholarship. Instead bureaucratic targets are the only educational criteria. We also look at the teaching staff who were brainwashed in their early twenties often by fanatics derived from the far left whose main criteria is the destruction of the present traditional form of society that they loathe . They want a society re-built in their own image, not one of God’s image. There also has been a culling of books of other eras to ensure students only read “approved materials”. Of course religious studies have been watered down to a meaningless level; most British children know more about Hinduism than Christianity. The latest evil ploy is actually getting children to inform on their parents’ views on moral values, very much like the former Nazi and Communist regimes. This is another means of enforcing the establishment’s propaganda. 

We also must examine the other cause of why people accept a philosophy that will ultimately destroy them. That is television and the computer. The visual image is powerful especially when one is relaxed in familiar surroundings after a day’s work; people will accept things shown and told them far more readily when in this state. If you took the same group to a pub or cafe they would tend not to accept things so readily and might even argue against them. But the powers that be are not keen on association, and one can see the demise of association, whether pubs, associations, evening classes or particular hobby groups. It was interesting to note that the first thing totalitarian governments in Eastern Europe did after the war was to sanction any independent association of people, and if they couldn’t  they  would take them over.

Then we look at the other purveyors of this negative material: journalism, both in traditional newspapers and now on the net. No longer do we get the famous erudite journalists of yesteryear. We now have a new race of journalists who are basically PR men and women for the interests they promote. Although in the old days the Press barons wielded enormous power there were a handful of famous journalists who would stand up to them. Alas, this breed has gone and the proverbial ill- educated yes-men who have not even the smallest pretensions of being literary gentlemen are today’s “hacks”. The death of Fleet Street coincided with the death of the great tradition of British journalists who had the one great virtue of common sense. Even though among them were crooks and charlatans, common sense shone through often enough.

Then we have the Churches. They should be the bastions against the diatribe of poison emitted by the media and the establishment. They should be the upholders of Christian morality. But are they? I don’t think so. You have the established Anglican Church, which seems almost to rubber stamp the new “morality” coming from the media, with a few notable exceptions. One begins to feel its function has become purely ceremonial. Then we have the Nonconformists, from (at worst) promoting all that is pumped out from the present rulers to the odd half hearted attempts by some of them to show some concern in the wettest of manners . Last but not least the Catholic Church which is plagued with the concept of “niceness:” From parish priest upwards to bishop and cardinal they want to appear “nice” to all those of the “great and the good” that run this country. You can’t be nice if you are teaching the Gospels and teaching people God’s Law. In actual fact you will end up in conflict with the establishment if you do. Jesus was not liked by the establishment 2000 years ago to such an extent, they demanded His crucifixion. If you start telling the truth you won’t do “being nice”. Niceness is not about loving people, it ends up as the opposite. When your flock is going in the wrong direction you should make every effort to shout loud enough to stop them! You also have the Moslems and many of the sensible ones are alarmed by the decaying morality in Western society but they have been carefully neutralised by the media’s concentration on the fanatics. Many orthodox Jews also wish to promote moral behaviour but with recent history they are afraid to raise their head above the parapet to a wider audience.

What can be done to undo this constant stream of poison? We must fight it. We must not accept any of the mores of what is termed our “progressive” society. Unfortunately it will mean sacrifice and ultimately suffering. But that is what being a Christian means. Whether we are parents, grandparents, uncles or aunts, we can give the young an “alternative education”. We also need less timid clergy and others pursuing the religious life. We need robust views that expose Satan’s daily output on the media, via government and in our educational institutions. The days of having wishy-washy attitudes must end, especially among the churches.

We must also remember that the ruling elite promotes much of this loathsome rubbish because a people without the bonds of traditional family or local community are far easier to control. They become like battery chickens, consumers and totally obedient to their elite masters. One cannot serve two masters and so they wish to remove God from the agenda and replace Him with themselves!

By Rigby

Friday, 20 March 2015

Irish prayer vigil to highlight media bias

Media bias gets ever worse in Ireland
Well what can I say of the media it’s all the usual bias and it gets ever worse. On  Wednesday 11th of March  outside Dail Eireann  the pro-life campaign  (PLC) held a vigil, which  I attended, to highlight media bias. On a cold Wednesday evening thousands turned out to express their opposition to farcical pretend debate that is going on within the media. The title of the campaign was called ‘33 to 1’ to  highlight the level of bias in the media. In the space of a fortnight  from 18th to 30th of  Dec 33 articles were written pushing hard for abortion  while only one article was written that was pro life. The same level of bias was evident in the electronic media showing the media’s inexplicable love of death. There is a strong push by the media and many politicians to repeal the 8th amendment to the constitution to remove the last vestige of protection of life that is given to the unborn child. Many political parties are saying it will be their policy to do this in their next term of government if they get elected.
             This is a crucial time in Ireland. In May, the 28th I think, the people of Ireland will be asked to go to the polls in a referendum to vote on so called same sex marriage. Here too the media is leading the charge and with every political party calling for a yes vote with the polls claiming it’s 80% in favour of it it would be a miracle if it is rejected. I believe in miracles and believe it will be rejected. Here the media is portraying it as a nice thing. It does no one any harm. What right has the state to interfere in private affairs. Try driving down the road without your seatbelt or withholding your taxes and see how the state will interfere in your life. Yet its ok to violate God’s laws and all the ensuing consequences e.g. from the fall out of promiscuous behaviour, the break up of family life, the psychological consequences of children growing up in such an environment, not to mention the Spiritual effects this has on the children adopted, the adults in such a relationship, those who may be considering such a relationship (think how it would make it seem right and attractive to them if the law actually supported such a proposition), the wider society. And the ripple effects go on. It’s just something nice and a human right we should support, the media tells us. Will they be there to pick up the pieces? no not they. They will be calling for imprisionment without mercy for  the crimes of a juvenile delinquent that grew up out of  the misery that they, the media, fashioned and advocated for.   On this issue there was a Bishop, Bishop Doran who was being intervewed on newstalk fm. Whatever of the interview after the interview there was nothing but mudslinging at him from those who interviewed him. The Bishop, who is against same sex marriage, stated that in the case of two homosexual men who get ‘married’ that they aren’t parents. He was attacked from all quarters of the media and I didn’t hear anyone come out in defence. Even the Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin came out attacking him saying that Bishop Doran was being judgemental. One wonders `while the pro homosexual side is asked an easy question, not challenged but allowed to make a free party political broadcast on the issue.            
          Alongside this issue, on the same day, the Irish people will be asked to vote on  a Surrogacy law that would amend the constitution to allow in cases of surrogacy that the woman who donated the egg can be the legal mother and not the mother who gives birth to the child (to the best of my knowledge). How about this for confusing the people. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten the people of Ireland as they go to vote on these issues.
        Germany and France, as liberal as they are, have banned all forms of surrogacy, most likely arising from all the confusion that would ensue as regards legal issues, citizenship, the welfare of the child etc. What a quagmire it would be and rightly so they have banned it. England has gone in the opposite direction after legalising homosexual marriage it has now decided that a child can have three parents. What a grotesque distortion of nature and what will be the long term consequences of it? We live in an instant gratification world. Is ‘progress’ the new god and can no bounds of reason or morality be put on it. It seems not. It will bring a new meaning of a child running up to its parents and crying mammy mammy.
        In England I hear that they will be introducing the household broadcasting charge. Just as they have been seeking to do  in Ireland. It is designated to be introduced in 2020. With the falling licence revenues  being returned to the BBC they had to do something desperate. Will the English people be willing to pay up? It’s all to play for. Even at this stage people should be making their opposition known. To me it’s symptomatic of a wider malaise in society. Of  a society that is losing God. People losing their social bonds. A totalitarian big brother element steps in, seeking to control every aspect of our lives, enslaving the people. The frog analogy is at play here. If you put a frog into a boiling tray of water he will immediately jump out. If you put him in to a cold tray of water and boil the water slowly he will happily boil to death. In England the frog is, well, his goose is nearly cooked at this stage and as we imitate you over here we’re not too far behind. Karl Marx once said a nation that has lost its morals has lost all resistance, hence why he wanted so badly to stamp out religion. To make a totatitarian take over a sop. Make use of this ability, this freedom before it’s too late. It may soon be compulsory but even then still don’t pay it. Those who don’t watch tv may soon be criminals. Use your citizen’s power, don’t pay the tv licence.             
             The best advice for a while has come from the city of London university where it has studied the television habits of adults with children who have watched at least three hours tv a day for thirty years. They have found that the children are more likely to follow the adults in developing obesity and higher rates of sickness. There were a few other negative consequences which escape me at the moment. Their suggestion was to turn the tv off and do exercise. If  I may add my own emphasis: leave it off and don t pay the tv licence.
By the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Rita, Dublin

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Jimmy Savile and the BBC

Jimmy Savile, The BBC and the crisis of the Family

It may be difficult for some to accept but there is a stronger link between the above three elements than they would like to believe. Jimmy Savile represents the decadent pervert celebrities that came to dominate our culture from the late Fifties onwards. The BBC represents a socially engaged media platform that gave these pervert celebrities access to subvert every family in the country, and the crisis of the Family is the end result of fifty years of the Satanic media’s attacks on the teachings of Christ and His Church.

As BBC ‘celebrity’ and child sex-abuse cases mount up -  Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, Jimmy Savile, Stuart Hall and many many more, - there are claims that a paedophile ring operated at the BBC for over 40 years. But there are hints that an even higher profile paedophile operated at the BBC than Jimmy Savile. Who is he? Who is the “Uncle Dick” of the BBC referred to by John Simpson in his book Strange Places, Questionable People. The BBC Uncle sexually assaulted many children at the BBC.

There was/is a culture of tolerated sexual harassment at the BBC. DJ Liz Kershaw, herself a victim of harassment, claimed she had been routinely groped while working. She said that the station was very intimidating for young women.

With such an organization as the BBC being hailed as the great moral force in the country for many decades, is it any surprise that there is such a crisis in the family today? Where over half of marriages end in divorce, where step father and brothers molest other family members. There is an epidemic of paedophilia in Britain today with over 60 new cases of child abuse reported in British society every day.

However, why is the BBC being so sloppy shouldered about its own involvement in child sex abuse – could it be the coming renewal of the Royal Charter in 2016 and calls to have the fee extended to those who watch ‘on demand’? Director-general Lord Hall claims that a strong BBC would bind the country together at home and be a beacon to the world. In a report published last week, the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee said the TV license is "becoming harder... to justify" and suggested every household should pay a new compulsory levy instead. This means everybody no matter if you watch TV or not should pay for the BBC!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Slovak media twisting the truth - just like ours

Slovakia Catholics surprised by their media

Catholics and all sensible people in the UK are pleased with the result of the Slovak referendum on the family; here are the results as given on CitizenGo’s website:

The referendum asked 3 questions:

1) On Marriage: Do you agree that no other cohabitation but the union between one man and one woman should be called marriage? 94.50% YES vote in the referendum.

2) On Adoption: Do you agree that neither same-sex couples, nor groups, shall be allowed to adopt children and subsequently raise them? 92.43% YES vote in the referendum.

3) On Sex Education and Euthanasia: Do you agree that schools cannot require the participation of children in classes dedicated to sexual behavior or euthanasia if their parents or the children themselves do not agree with the content of the lessons? 90.32% YES vote in the referendum.

This is not only a great victory for the family but for common sense. The referendum needed to achieve over 50% of the electorate to vote for it to become law, however, it only managed to achieve a  turnout of 21.4% this was still better than the EU elections which only achieved 13.05%. No referendum these days in Slovakia has had a valid turnout. So put in perspective this is a massive victory for the family. It would have been even better if there had not been a media campaign to spread confusion among the voters beforehand. There were long articles on how wonderful homosexuals are and all the great things they do and have done. Catholic Slovaks were surprised by this. They had long articles in their secular newspaper and programmes on their TV on Gay explorers, Gay musicians, Gay Artists, Gay Charity workers, Gay scientists, Gay virtually everything. Oh, and Gayness as God’s gift to sexuality.

One good Slovak Catholic asked me where has all this pro-Gay everything in the media come from. I said need you ask – it’s all being funded by rich western media savvy homosexuals and their population controller bedfellows.