Friday, 21 August 2015

BBC Charter Renewal 4

Book Review:


Can we trust the BBC?


By Robin Aitken, Continuum, 2007


‘So strong is the BBC’s support for abortion that it can now be considered one of the Corporation’s ‘core values’


The BBC has a reputation for fairness and impartiality, and because of this it is quite simply the most famous and trusted media brand in the world. It’s has a reputation for honest and accurate journalism. However, this book paints a very different picture of the BBC. Its author Robin Aitken is a former journalist and reporter and spent 25 years working at all levels in the BBC.

                What emerges in this book is a BBC that is very biased indeed especially in areas of sexual morality, politics and religion. In fact Mr Aitkens argues that the Corporation has an all pervasive anti-religious culture and that this fact impedes its ability to be impartial. In reading this book one gets the impression that the BBC is especially pro-left politically, pro-libertine, pro-abortion and is above all anti-Catholic. But why should the BBC be so anti-Catholic for surely the BBC has no particular reason to bias against any religion? Yet the reason that emerges in this book is that its views on sexual ethics are diametrically opposite to that of Catholicism. In particular, because the Catholic Church speaks out strongly on the world stage against abortion, homosexuality and contraception she will always be singled out for attack. Aitkens highlights programmes like Woman’s Hour because its presenters and programming have been fervently in favour of ‘abortion rights’. He also states that ‘So strong is the BBC’s support for abortion that it can now be considered one of the Corporation’s ‘core values’1.

                To work at the BBC, the ‘tribe’ as Aitkens terms its employees must sign up to a range of attitudes and opinions. These would be left-liberal but this does not mean being tolerant; they must be the opposite to ‘conservative’. With regards to BBC presenters making controversial statements, he states ‘It just not true to say that people who publicly espouse ‘highly controversial views’ cannot be BBC presenters. It is only certain controversial views which matter’2.

                The number of BBC high-profile journalists who are left wing, out numbers the others by about ten to one. Impartiality regarding the BBC and politics? Hardly. In fact there seems to be a happy merry go round of left wing jobs for the boys between the BBC, New Labour and the Guardian newspaper.

                Perhaps what should be of most concern to the Catholic Church is the BBC’s global reach with all its secular, pro-abortion, and anti-Catholic propaganda. It has the  BBC World News 24 TV on various international satellite systems, the World Service Radio, broadcast in 43 languages. The BBC website which also streams BBC’s British Radio and some of its TV to the world. All this is achieved with the help of the guaranteed licence fee, although there are some adverts on its international 24 hour news TV channels.

                Can we trust the BBC? ultimately reads as one man quest to try and restore the dignity, respect, and impartiality to an institution the has become so biased, and yet remains  so powerful that it poses a danger to the truthful reporting of current affairs and world news, not only to Britain but on a global scale. We recommend this book to anyone who is concerned by the power and influence of the BBC. Can we trust the BBC to be fair, balanced and impartial? This book says no we certainly cannot.
References from Can we trust the BBC? 2007, 1, 2, p63

This article first appeared in CUT's Newsletter,  the Summer 2009

Saturday, 8 August 2015

BBC Charter Renewal 3

The BBC and its IPPF Partnership

The reason there has been no news of the IPPF's aborted baby selling in the mainstream media
Is this the new BBC logo,
or is it the IPPF?
Pro-Lifers and therefore every true Catholic have been even more shocked than usual at the antics of Planned Parenthood. Life Planned Parenthood selling off aborted babies has recently posted this video of Melissa Farrell selling "fully intact" aborted bodies of babies. There have also been various videos demonstrating that parts of aborted babies are being used as "spare parts", with Ms Farrell negotiating prices with the biotech company officials, for babies' liver, head and heart.  
But why has this extremely sick scandal been ignored by the main stream media? Could it be because the BBC is in partnership with the IPPF? This is why we asked in our 3 January 2013 blog "Is paying the TV Licence fee a sin?"

If you don't believe that the BBC has a partnership with the IPPF just click this link.

Please see our 3 January 3013 blog post below:

"Is paying the TV Licence fee a sin?"
The TV Licence fee promoting abortion worldwide

Thursday, 30 July 2015

BBC Charter Renewal 2

Is the BBC fighting for its life or is this just a ruse?

There have been many articles and news items, not least by the BBC themselves, saying that the BBC is fighting for its life. Before members of CUT start to gather at Dublin Castle, Media City or Trafalgar Square to celebrate, I'm afraid to say I doubt anything will happen to this horrid IPPF supporting corporation. These reports are just a trick to raise the hopes of ordinary decent people and spur the BBC’s own supporters on to action.

There have even been petitions to stop the break up, or government control, of our 'wonderful broadcasting institution'. Some blame some right wingers in the government, some the EU, some blame 'killer Jesuits', others the Illuminati, some think it's a pincer movement between the Illuminati and the Jesuits to kill off dear old Aunty. Some even say the Illuminati have already taken over Match of the Day! Some say the BBC are the Illuminati. (I can almost believe that one, except do the illuminati actually exist outside of Hollywood films)?

However, because of the way the BBC has been funded it has been able to make programmes that commercial channels do not, or at least do not make to the same degree, e.g. supporting abortion, euthanasia, homosexual acts.

The BBC charter makes it independent of government control; if this changed there would be a public outcry - led by the BBC.

I believe that it's the BBC that controls the government, not in an explicit way but by its enormous power to influence and brow-beat. Heard the new leader of the Liberals being completely taken apart over his non vote for same-sex marriage the other morning on BBC radio 5.

So I say let the BBC stand on its own two feet, let it be run by donations, or pay-per-view - if it wants to be free from commercial interests or government 'control'.

Say No to the compulsory funding of the BBC

Saturday, 25 July 2015

BBC Charter Renewal 1

Why Christians should not support the BBC

Homosexuality and the Television

It is an act of Christian charity to point out when someone is going astray, this is not being judgemental for not to do so would be negligent. On the bases of Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church homosexual acts are a grave sin. Therefore there is a need to point out the link between the acceptance homosexuality by society, and the television. For Within ten years of the television coming into widespread use in Britain homosexuality was legalised. Since then there has been the constant lowering of the age of homosexual consent until parity with heterosexual consent was achieved. Now legalised homosexual partnerships have the right to adopt children. Just when ordinary Christians thought things couldn’t get any worse the government brings fourth draconian legislation that will forced Catholic adoption agencies to close down or let homosexuals adopt from them.

                It is not surprising that this has happened with the sheer number of pro-homosexual television programmes broadcast down the years. Today we have openly homosexual television presenters, commentators, and actors. Makeover programmes show homosexual couples choosing the décor for their pads. There are also the constant pro-homosexual story lines in the soaps and other dramas. This trait has even spilled over onto BBC Radio with the ‘Gay-marriage’ in the Archers. Also prevalent in these programmes are storylines that demonise anyone who are portrayed as ‘anti-gay,’ these people are usually shown as nasty, brutish and violent. Words like ‘bigoted’, ‘gay-bashing’, or ‘homophobic’ are used to put down anyone who dares speak up against these acts when you are only trying to help.

                It is also very clear that the BBC is especially ‘pro-Gay’ with a disproportionate number of homosexuals on its staff. They are particularly over represented among those in influential positions. There are many who believe that this is the main reason why Catholicism is attack so often by the BBC. Why you may ask have so many homosexuals risen so high in the world of television? There are many reasons; in order to keep peoples attention new and inventive storylines for showing sexual relationships are constantly found. The homosexual lifestyle is not a stay-at-home family orientated one; therefore the hedonistic showbiz one suits them. Perhaps also in this contraceptive ‘Culture of Death’ society, there is the false perception that humans have over populated the world. There is also the false theory that humans have no control over their sexual desires therefore homosexuality is a useful form of sterility. It is true that the television is no friend of chastity and has sexualised society beyond what is natural. Some like to cite the television series Sex in the City as authentically portraying modern female sexuality, yet you would be wrong, for although originally created by a woman it was produced by homosexual men. The creator and producer of Desperate Housewives is also homosexual. An unnaturally over sexualised society plays into the hands of homosexual lobby whose raison d’être is unnatural sex. Yet despite all the all their efforts, homosexuality has not been found to be a natural condition.
                There is also the homosexual phenomenon of “Boy Love” as they like to call it. There are a disproportionately high number of paedophiles amongst the male ‘Gay’ population. Researcher Dr Judith Reisman has stated that fewer than 2% of the male population are homosexual, yet they account for roughly half of all paedophiles cases.  for a fuller explanation). Yet the BBC will scour the earth for paedophile priests but will not do a documentary on “Boy Love” or the high proportion of ‘Gay’ paedophiles. Is this a case of the pro-homosexual media taking the speck out of other peoples eyes yet forgetting the plank in their own?

From the Spring-Summer 2007 CUT Newsletter.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

luvvies and "A-list" celebrities lining up to support the BBC

Radicalisation by the BBC

With all the luvvies and "A-list" celebrities lining up to support the BBC in its quest for a renewed Charter and an even tighter licence fee, perhaps we should stand back and ask: what has the BBC actually done? - Especially in these days when we frequently hear about the radicalisation of Islamic youth. (Some may say they don't need radicalising, this is what they are; but perhaps the BBC is helping this radicalisation?).

So what has the BBC done in the last fifty years? It has made numerous programmes supporting abortion, euthanasia, homosexual acts, contraception, any faith except Catholicism. It has led the attack on Catholic moral teachings, particularly crafting new Black Legends against us. So from the stand point of a Christian the BBC has been engaged in the radicalisation of the British public, and has turned the natural moral order on its head.
One of our members has recently sent in a link to Care not Killing who have carried out a survey of all the TV programmes that support euthanasia and assisted dying. Have a look. It’s quite shocking, and the BBC is once again leading the way. BBC balanced output? Not on your Aunt Nelly! See Care not Killing

Friday, 26 June 2015

An Investment opportunity for "Assisted Dying" enterprise


The Investor’s Prospectus
There is an enormous opportunity now for investors and entrepreneurs if the “Assisted Dying” Bill is successful.

When one considers how small the basic investment is and the eventual return on the investment it makes the dot com boom of the 1990s seem small beer. For a few pounds worth of barbiturates and basic premises in an out of town venue one can charge thousands .The Swiss pioneers knew what they were doing. The only real costs will be promotion and PR but even accounting for a basic cost of a few hundred per patient that is still making a handsome profit. Even though there may be a need to have “High St.” premises for promotional purposes the actual operational facilities can be in locations that are far more cost effective, like industrial estates. Much of the promotion and arrangements can be done on line which will make inherent savings in costs. One will also use a great deal of the Social media. There also will be government grant facilities in places like Wales, Scotland and the North of England, allowing for rent free facilities. One can also not only look at the franchising opportunities but co-ordinate profitable connections to Undertaking chains and Crematoria. In so many words a complete package deal for clients and families. Any investor would see a very early return on capital invested with good long term prospects.

What also establishes high charges and fights off any cut price competition is the fact that it is basically a medical procedure.  We have the whole force of the medical profession to ensure high costs for the clients and to safeguard everyone’s interests. We can introduce the legal profession into our operation to maximise profits.   Being an emotionally sensitive procedure, pricing can reflect this with both the clients and their relations willingly paying premium fees.

We need to push this Bill through Parliament. It will be relatively easy to combat the religious objectors once we get some Anglican bishops on our side.  With good PR and strong media participation any other objecting groups can be isolated and made to look like oddballs. But we will need investment in lobbying all the relevant MPs and government ministers, together with getting Brussels on our side. We already have a good array of celebrities which is a tremendous help. But we need the laws on advertising altered so that we can get our message across. It will probably take about 12 months and then it is profits all the way. Many of the MPs and Ministers can be given sinecure directorships in this company.  That is always a great incentive to get a bill through, plus gifts of cut price share options. We will also gain government support via the Treasury who will see it as a means to cut costs not only in the NHS, but in the Welfare sectors and pensions too. The present “Black Hole “ in the future pensions deficit weighs heavily on treasury officials and the solution we offer will be  greeted with approval .

We have a large and expanding client base with our present ageing society that can benefit from our services. Initially it will be limited to the chronically ill, but as time goes on many more conditions will allow these procedures to take place. This in turn will lead to greater profits as our operations increase. We cannot allow those with unprogressive dinosaur ideologies and “religious miscreants” to affect any of the proposed legislation which can make this wonderful potential investment  rewarding for all those with the courage to invest in it. We must do all we can to push the “Assisted Dying” Bill and its investment potential. Remember the size of the operation can become a first for the UK, with potential to franchise worldwide.

It is envisaged that within 12 months there will be a need to float on the Stock exchange and a large consortium will need to be formed. Planning permission will have to be sorted out early and building companies involved with converting existing industrial premises to “End  of Life” facilities. Then it’s profits all the way.  DON’T MISS THIS INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY.
By Rigby

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The sex-change environment

Pollution the Environment and the Sex-change Epidemic

Pollution and the environment are in the mind of the Church today with the pope's new encyclical, so I thought I'd add my 300 words-worth.

However, mine is more to do with the type of pollution that causes sex-change particularly in males. For example there are alarming reports that because of pollution around Britain's coast, clams are changing sex, in fact male clams are becoming female not the other way around. This is causing an environmental catastrophe and is damaging the food chain. Ever wonder why seagulls are getting so aggressive - they're starving. The problem is being caused by industrial hormone-mimicking chemicals, agricultural chemicals, pesticides and oestrogen that are being brought down our rivers and are now polluting our seas!
Call me Bruce

There is another form of environmental pollution, that of the mind, caused by the secular media that promotes anything gender-bending. Perhaps closely linked to chemical pollutants by satanic synergy  we have a 'sex-change' epidemic in humans as well. Take for example Bruce Jenner who now wishes to be called Caitlyn Jenner after very expensive sex-change treatment, after all he is a millionaire ex-Olympic champion athlete, but with so many people unable to pay for life-saving treatment in the States and elsewhere this whole thing is disgusting in more ways than one. However, when all is said and done he is still a man who has fathered 6 children by 3 women. Jenner is also a Christian and a conservative Republican. You can't make this stuff up!