Thursday, 19 May 2016

BBC Woman's Hour arrogance towards Poland's laws

Re: BBC Woman's Hour – irresponsible support for pro-abortion activists in Poland

On 9th May, Woman's Hour included a 10-minute discussion about the availability of abortion in Poland, and in particular about attempts to make it more readily available by distributing the abortion pill, RU 486, via a drone which was launched in Germany and crossed the border into Polish air space. This action was taken by “Women on Waves”, an organisation which has previously provided abortions to women from countries where abortion is legally restricted, by taking the women to a boat in international waters and performing the abortions there. A “Women on Waves” representative was one of the two interviewees taking part in the Woman's Hour discussion; the other was a “pro-choice” (i.e. pro-abortion) woman from Poland.

RU 486 is not the “morning after pill” which prevents a pregnancy from being established, but a succession of two doses of hormonal medication designed to be taken during the early stages of pregnancy. The first dose disrupts the nourishment provided by the mother's body to the foetus, so that the foetus dies. The second dose, taken a few days later, causes birth-type contractions of the uterus so that the dead foetus is expelled. This is called a “medical abortion” and is intended to be used only in the early stages of pregnancy, the “first trimester”, from conception to about 3 months (12 weeks). In later stages of pregnancy, abortion is carried out by surgery (“surgical abortion”).  

Listening to this programme (not as it was broadcast, but a few days later) I became concerned about three issues.

Firstly, accuracy.

One of the interviewees stated that a “medical abortion” is no more dangerous than a spontaneous miscarriage, at least in women who are 4 to 10 weeks pregnant. This assertion was not challenged by the interviewer.

However, the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research (January 2015) has reported on a study carried out over 12 months between 2013 and 2014 on a group of women in India who had self-medicated with RU 486 (available to them over the counter) without medical oversight. Nearly three-quarters of the group had taken the pill before 63 days (9 weeks) of pregnancy; nevertheless, there was a high proportion of complications, and more than 50% of the group had required post-treatment surgery, in some cases including treatment for sepsis, and in some cases requiring blood transfusions. The researchers concluded that “unsupervised medical abortion can lead to increased maternal morbidity and mortality. Strict legislation is required to monitor and also restrict the sales of abortion pills over the counter”.

Wikipedia quotes a scholarly article “Diagnosis and management of miscarriage” from The Practitioner of May 2014, which states that most miscarriages will complete without additional interventions. So medical abortions clearly are far more dangerous than spontaneous miscarriages.

Secondly, social responsibility. There seemed to be implicit approval by the BBC's interviewer of the action of the “Women on Waves” in sending the drone into Poland, although this action apparently distributed potentially dangerous medication with no safeguards whatsoever. High doses of hormones in pill form were dropped randomly with no guarantee that they would not be picked up by children, or would not be used by women into the second or even third trimester of pregnancy, when complications would be more likely and more serious. Nor was there any attempt to warn women of possible adverse effects of using the medication. In the UK, medical abortion is provided only under the guidance of a doctor, and the abortion itself is medically supervised so that any complications can be immediately diagnosed and treated.  Does the BBC think that UK legislation is unnecessarily protective of women, I wonder?


Thirdly, bias. Two women were interviewed, both “pro-choice”, and their underlying assumptions were not challenged by the interviewer, still less by any pro-life interviewee who would surely not have been hard to find. The BBC's charter requires that programmes should demonstrate a balance between opposing points of view in contentious cases such as this one. What is the point of having a charter if its requirements are ignored? I have had occasion to write to the BBC before on “life” issues, specifically about its documentaries relating to assisted suicide, in which a similar bias was shown,  running completely counter to its charter.

By the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St. Teresa of Avila

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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Hollywood and gender bending

The Darkness of Hollywood

Deadpool Pansexual Superhero

I have always visited the cinema; I am interested in film as I am in TV. Hollywood and film in general has often had its bad and black moments. But at the moment I sometimes feel it is going through one of its darkest times.  I recently walked out of the cinema during a showing of the "Hateful Eight" film, I don't know why I thought I could watch it, what I actually wanted was to see the results of a film shot in Panavision Super 70mm, and see how this camera handles the vast Wyoming landscapes, how much detail it captures in the shadows etc. However, following pretty impressive opening and establishing sequences it went downhill fast. The human eye of God’s creation still is a far superior camera.

                Another dark trait in modern film making is gender ideology and all things relating to same-sex attraction. Being male or female is very straightforward, you are in fact either one or the other; this is determined at conception by your chromosomes: - you are either XX female or XY male. That some people feel they are not the sex of their body is more to do with social conditioning rather than science. Again the media, the TV and film are doing their best to confuse people, but there is a simple word for this state and it is perversion - a perversion of God's creation - and films out at the moment are doing their best to corrupt people, films like Carol: same-sex attraction between an older woman and a young woman, The Danish Girl about sex-change surgery and gender "change". Then there is the Deadpool a Pansexual superhero, now he will have sex with anyone and anything, but superheroes are for kids, are they not? The trailer to this move has received standing ovations! Western culture is in serious trouble. Now there is news that the next Star Wars film will have a strong homosexual content. If they do film part of it on Skellig Michal off the Irish coast, I don't think our patron will be happy about it. St Michael the Archangel pray for us in our hour of battle.

Here is part of an article from Life Site News, it states what we have always known at CUT, that Homosexuals and other perverts have control of Hollywood and indeed most of the Main Stream Media.

LGBTQ activists tell Hollywood: ‘Our strategy is you: The entertainment industry’

Fr. Mark Hodges 

An image from "The Danish Girl," just one of several recent big-budget
Hollywood films positively portraying transgenderism.
The Danish Girl screenshot from Life Site News

LOS ANGELES, April 5, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) -- The 27th Annual Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday.
At the awards ceremony, gay activists admitted that their strategy to influence the American people toward acceptance of homosexuality was through the media of television, movies, and mainstream news.
Oscar winner Patricia Arquette introduced GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis, who, now that the acceptance of homosexuality is nearly universal in American culture, could with candor explain, "With over 100 anti-LGBT bills in state and local levels, our strategy is you: The entertainment industry."

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Mother Angelica our tribute

Our Tribute to Mother Angelica
Mother Angelica RIP - Photo EWTN

Mother Angelica and her Miraculous TV station EWTN
There have been a number of miracles surrounding Mother Angelica during her life as a nun. Recently I met someone from EWTN and he related this true story to me
He told me that when Mother Angelica was just starting up EWTN she had some huge satellite dishes delivered but she had no money to pay for them. She asked the truck driver to unload the satellite dishes and she would send the money on as soon as she found it. Mother was of course profoundly confident that she would find the money. However, the truck driver said “look Mother I have strict orders that these need to be paid-for”, he wanted $50,000 before he would unload them or he would take them back.
Mother Angelica desperately wanted these dishes so that she could start to transmit her programmes. So she tried very hard to persuade the driver to leave them but with no luck. The truck driver still said no. She asked him wait for a little while she went into the chapel to pray. The truck driver said Ok (he probably thought that he could do with a break).
After praying for half an hour or so there was still no answer and no plan came into her head so she went out again to have another go at persuading the driver; Mother never gives up! She starting to talk to the driver again, – just then one of the sisters came running out saying that mother was wanted on the phone. Mother said she can’t come to the phone now, this is just too important.
So the sister ran back to the phone to ask the caller to call back, but the caller said he would hang on. The sister came out to Mother Angelica again saying the man is hanging on and he is ringing from a yacht in the Caribbean. So Mother pleads with the driver to wait for a few minutes hoping to come back and continue with her efforts to persuade him.
The man on the phone was a Catholic multi-millionaire who was impressed by some of Mother’s booklets or literature, and he wanted to make a donation to Mother’s work and that of the sisters. Mother Angelica said you don’t happen to have $50,000 do you? The Millionaire said yes when do you want it? Mother said you couldn’t transfer it now could you? You see I have these satellite dishes in a truck outside and the man won’t leave them until he’s paid. The millionaire said: Sure, I will get on to my bank right away.  Mother goes back out to the truck driver, tells him she has the money and where should she transfer it; the driver gives her the instructions. Mother Angelica gives them to the millionaire. The truck driver then gets onto his headquarters and finds that everything’s paid for.  He is stunned, and unloads the dishes.
This is a true story, just shows the power of prayer.
Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Philomena and Bl Dominic Barberi 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Have a peaceful Easter Nicky Campbell

A Happy Peaceful and Prayerful Easter To all members of CUT the Prayer Crusade and people of good will

First some very good news for this Easter for everyone who has switched off the TV and no longer pays the licence fee. More and more people are throwing out the TV and they are not even bothering to catch up on-line. See Telegraph no TV report

I guess they, like the rest of us are sick and tired of the bigotry, the bias the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual/gender ideology everything nonsense which  the Corporation spews out on a daily basis.
The BBC licence fee of course also pays for BBC Radio and the more I listen to it the more  sickening it becomes. Today Radio 5s agenda of ultra-liberal bias was sadly evident again.

Cornwall County Council bullied by BBC Radio and a pop Star

Über-"Liberal" and arch bully of

Radio 5 (in our opinion)
Nicky Campbell
photo wikipedia
A noisy pop group has been ordered by Cornwall County Council to keep the noise down below 40 decibels when practicing in their father's garage. A neighbour had complained to the council and under an Environmental and Health act, and the group were asked to keep the noise down. Fair enough you may say?  Not when the BBC is involved. Anyone who has had the misfortune to suffer because of noisy selfish neighbours would applaud Cornwall County Council, but not the father of a member of the group who wrote to a pop star Dave Grohl of the Rock group The Foo Fighters. Whose lyrics encourage youngsters to play this loud music in their garages. Grohl wrote to Cornwall County Council on the group's behalf (no thought of course about the poor neighbour who's been driven to despair by the noise). The BBC got hold of the story and naturally took the side of the noisy group. 

This morning 24/03/2016 I heard the awful Nicky Campbell interview the band and their father on BBC Radio 5's breakfast show. There was no thought for those who suffer from this type of selfish and arrogant behaviour, just pressure on Cornwall to provide facilities for Rock groups to practice. The father of a group member said that they don't have anything to do on the Lizard peninsula - nothing to do! They live in one of the most beautiful parts of the Country, surrounded by wonderful countryside and sea.

So the band need a place to practice? Ok let the Foo Fighters fund a sound proof practice room, this should not be a case where Cornwall Council fund on the council tax places where noisy bands should play.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

News from Ireland

The post below was written before the Irish election, when there was a Fine Gael-Labour coalition. Its interesting to note that despite the successful recovery of the Irish economy (not for all granted) the coalition which oversaw it is struggling to form a government could it be that despite all the crowing by the liberals over same-sex marriage and abortion there are still nearly half of the Irish people who reject it. As for the Labour party who pushed the hardest for these liberal reforms, their vote has collapsed from 30 seats to 7. There's still a lot of fight left in faithful Irish Catholics. Be interesting to hear what our Prayer Crusader with St Rita thinks about this?

No more Newstalk!
          Sometime ago I decided I wasn’t going to listen to Newstalk ever again unless there is a complete overhaul in the place and that seems unlikely. The reason for this is its promotion of abortion among other things. The first instance was on the Pat Kenny show; he was interviewing some woman who worked or had worked in the abortion mills doing late term abortions. No challenging of her but rather treating her like a saint, someone who was providing a useful necessary service to society. The last straw came when on the George Hook programme ‘the right hook’ (he can be sometimes sympathetic to the Catholic church e.g. he wanted the Angelus to be kept broadcast, but this time he was way off the mark) he was interviewing the minister for health Leo Varadkar. He was asking him questions about ‘fatal fetal abnormality’  (a spurious term put out by pro abortionists as there is no concrete proof that they are fatal and many babies do live). He said to Varadkar: ‘I know that you are pro life’, - this after Varadkar had voted to legalise abortion up until birth in cases where the woman is suicidal. It’s one thing to be pro abortion but to pat him on the back and call him pro-life is a double insult. So ended my listernership to Newstalk, until, Christmas morning while I was driving along, I turned on the radio and hit the wrong button by mistake and turned on Newstalk. Sure enough there was a programme talking about the festival of Christmas and seeking to undermine it by saying that the festivity existed long before Christ was born, when they celebrated the gatherings of the harvest and the church took over this festival with Christmas. I turned off and haven’t listened since and haven’t looked back. So no more reporting of them unless I hear it from another source.
          RTE continues its programme of de-Christianisation: an incremental type of ethnic cleansing, a purging of the airwaves of Catholicity. This time it’s the removal from its classical music station, RTE Lyric FM, of the programme, ‘Gloria’. It was on Sunday mornings, 7am to 10am; it featured music such as Gregorian chant, the Palestrina choir and other great classical religious music for three hours. It’s not that the programme wasn’t popular or the music not beautiful, it’s just that it was Catholic so therefore had to go. These actions are the fare of brutal communist states.
Enda Kenny
Irish Taoiseach (PM)
their poll says 73%
are not happy for him to
continue as the country's leader. 
            You may have heard that here in Ireland we are nearing the end of an election campaign. Fri 26th is polling day. The polls are suggesting a hung Dail. The situation is that even if the two top parties join together they may not have enough to form a government. It would be the equivalent of Labour and Tories joining together and being barely able to govern. None of the political pundits are able to forecast what type of government will take power. People are so disenchanted with politicians. So it’s going to be interesting to see what is going to happen.
             From the debacle of abortion legislation in 2013: some td’s were kicked out of the Government for opposing the introduction of abortion, one of whom was Junior minister Lucinda Creighton. She has set up a new party called Renua. Besides being against abortion she also wants to abolish the TV licence. She follows the privatisation path and (this is my guess) most likely it’s because she thinks RTE should raise its own revenue. However, one of her downsides is she supported the ‘homosexual marriage’ referendum. She at one time supported abortion and changed her views on it; maybe on reflection she will come to see the errors of sodomy and its ill consequences for society.
              The UK too will have a referendum soon. It’s interesting to note the split in the tory party over the issue. Ireland this year will celebrate 100 years of the war of independence from the English. It’s ironic that 100 years later England now is deciding on its independence from Europe. There is a prophecy by some saint, possibly saint Malachy, which states that ‘A week of centuries after Ireland has been under English rule England will enter is own civil war.’ (It’s about 700 years thereabouts since England conquered Ireland.)  Whatever the troubles in England at the moment, in the end Our Lady’s immaculate heart will triumph.
                    So for the moment God bless

By the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Rita, Dublin.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Spotlight, homosexuals and the BBC

Spotlight On Child Abuse at the BBC

Despite the news reports regarding an official inquiry by Dame Janet Smith on Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall, there still appears to be a cover up regarding how many BBC celebrities were involved in child abuse. For example, just why did Stuart Hall get away with crimes from 1959 to 2006? The report claims there was a culture of fear and that the celebrities were just too powerful! But come on, there's more to it than that. Could it be that because of the extensive paedophile rings that ran throughout the BBC, the Church of England, the House of Commons and the Lords, that there has just been a massive cover-up.

The BBC which is quick to point the finger at the, in comparison very small, abuse problem in the Catholic Church does not make documentaries on its own very serious problems or those in the establishment or the C of E. Why is this? Could it be because the Catholic Church is pro-Life whereas the BBC is pro-abortion; the Catholic Church is pro-Natural Family whereas the BBC is in favour of same sex marriage? The Catholic Church is the true Church of Jesus Christ and the Pharisaic hypocrites of the BBC would probably have done an outside broadcast of the Crucifixion  if they had been around 2000 years ago.
It’s time the BBC was broken up like the energy producers or internet providers; they are too big and too powerful. The truth of the corrupt nature of the British Broadcasting Corporation will not be made known until the BBC no longer exists.

Spotlight the film

It's interesting with so much child abuse in the celebrity entertainment world that the film "Spotlight" has just been released on the Boston child abuse crisis of some priest of 10 years ago. I haven't seen the film but I wonder does it report that a large part of the problem was of a homosexual nature?  This is an interesting report from the Catholic League and shows that 80% of all this abuse was of a homosexual nature.

The above post was written last week before the Oskar for best film was awarded to "Spotlight", perhaps it was predictable that this film would be given the award. The entertainment world, so riddled with paedophiles, homosexuals, pro-abortion feminists and their lap dogs would want to do as much damage to the Church as possible. But remember that although it is shocking that any priest would abuse children, they are in fact much smaller in proportion than in other sections of society, e.g. the entertainment and secular media world are so riddled with paedophile rings, and proportionally homosexuals are the biggest abusers. Yes the root cause of the problems with sex-abuse crisis in Boston, for which the film Spotlight was made, was homosexual priests, and the homosexual friendly bishops who protected them. So we repeat - the homosexual community in general are proportionally the biggest child abusers.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The IRA the BBC and Terrorism

To many Catholics and other Christians exasperated by the pandering to extremists by the BBC (who today seem to be favouring all things Muslim) It will come as no surprise that they have always taken the extremist side. Here is a little observation on the IRA and the BBC, by our member under the patronage of St Jane Frances de Chantal. - Sorry about the horrible logos - all three of them.

Terrorism and the BBC

At the height of the Troubles in Ireland, the BBC aired two dramas which were blatant and explicit propaganda for terrorism. In both of them, those who crossed the IRA were in the end gleefully eliminated - in one case by shooting (but that didn't matter, because the victim was an ex-public school undercover agent), in the other case by a letter bomb (but that didn't matter either, because the victims were songwriters who had been writing songs for terrorists on both sides) Ed - IRA were nationalists and the UDA were Unionists. For one of the dramas the theme music had been written and performed by a top Irish group. The words were in Gaelic, and the tune topped the U.K. pop music chart.

Am I missing something about an appropriate rule for the national TV channel? Or is our problem in C U T that we actually use our brains?

Written on the feast of Ss Cyril and Methodius, by the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Jane Frances de Chantal.